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MironovaEGT+ Your Daily Ally For A Healthy Heart

Act now and start protecting your body with the highest concentration of EGT available in a dietary supplement -- priced affordably for daily use. Mironova EGT+ is safe and available without a prescription.

EGT is a natural part of the human defense system. It protects your arterial walls from the free radical damage that leads to dangerous plaque buildup. Try Mironova EGT+ and team up a natural ally to support heart health.


30-Day Supply

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MironovaEGT+ delivers the highest concentration of EGT available as a dietary supplement in order to:

  • Protect your body from free radical damage
  • Protect you against oxidative stress, which leads to heart failure and stroke
  • Provide you with a convenient, reliable, and affordable method for daily consumption of EGT
  • Keep your heart healthy


  • “EGT has shown promising results in reducing inflammation that leads to oxidative stress and subsequent heart disease. This is why I take MironovaEGT+ daily - to keep my health in check for the future.”

    Darren Cuthbert

    MD, MPH

  • “It surprised me that oxidized LDL is what makes bad cholesterol “bad.” Taking the super antioxidant MironovaEGT+ has given me peace of mind that I am preventing the damage cholesterol can cause.”

    Dino Cicioni


  • “I am excited that I can now supplement my diet every day with the super antioxidant found in mushrooms. It’s an extra boost for my heart health that’s a most welcome addition.”

    Lou Ann Vena

    Fitness Enthusiast


30-Day Supply

$34.99Shipping is Free